Genostar metagenomics services

Genostar offers complete metagenomics services from sequencing to online interactive figures. This allows you to explore the biodiversity of complex samples and to compare the microflora between multiple samples (for example different experimental conditions or kinetics).

Starting from any project phase, we can turn your data into meaningful results.

Offer 1:
online visualization
Offer 2:
analysis and online visualization
Offer 3:
all included
Sample sequencing Not included Not included Included
Sequence data analysis Not included Included Included
Interactive figures Included Included Included

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Amplicon metagenomics

Measure microbial biodiversity of your samples through 16S / 18S / ITS gene amplification and sequencing. Explore and compare multiple samples on all taxonomic levels using interactive figures.

Functional metagenomics

Find out which organisms are present (taxonomic classification and relative frequencies) and the possible metabolic processes available in the community (metabolic pathway reconstruction) by sequencing total sample DNA.


Measure whole-genome expression levels and active metabolic pathways starting with sample RNA. Compare results between a set of complex samples.